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IoT, Analytics, Big Data and Cognitive/AI Computing Conference

The ABCs of the Digital Twin

December 14, Wyndham Grand Levent, Istanbul

Big Data, Analytics and IoT (BDA & IoT) are the pillars of IDC's 3rd Platform, a set of business-transforming technologies and applications that also includes cloud services, mobility, and social business. IDC’s holistic, global view of Big Data and analytics includes engagement with hundreds of end users, vendors, consultants and academics through surveys, conferences, and interviews.

IDC Türkiye’s Big Data and IoT conference will provide insight into the latest trends, and technologies, and provide guidance to business and technology executives on which key factors to consider in their strategic planning when allocating resources for IoT & Big Data initiatives and business plans.

About the Conference

While many traditional industry players are looking at BDA and cognitive systems to drive operational efficiencies that will help them reduce their overall cost structure and provide quick ROI, the more progressive companies are starting to utilize these solutions to aggressively enter adjacent industries and market segments. These digital “disruptors” are finding ways to leverage the 3rd Platform technologies – mobile, cloud, analytics and social – as a platform to quickly develop and deploy cognitive systems and BDA solutions that are dramatically changing the way traditional businesses models function.

This event will help delegates to address the following questions:

  • How can organization successfully deploy BDA and cognitive systems which can actually bring benefits to top and bottom line?
  • What are the opportunities that cognitive systems and BDA present?
  • What use/business cases are driving the market today? And which will drive the market in the future?
  • What are the technological and organizational challenges companies will face?
  • What are the solutions vendors provide the technologies and skilled resources to address the major challenges?
  • Which vendors, enterprises and governments are leading the way and what are they doing to drive this success?
  • What steps your organization should take to embark on this journey.

The Rise of The Digital Twin

According to IDC, revenue growth from information-based products will be double that of the rest of the product / service portfolio for one-third of A1000 companies by the end of 2019. The implications are that Asia Pacific organizations need to start leveraging the next-gen technology that is available today in order to: remain competitive; digitally transform; and mitigate risks from disruptive new-comers.

IDC predictions also indicate that by 2019, successful IoT efforts will merge streaming analytics with machine learning trained data lakes, marts, and content stores, accelerated by discrete or integrated processors. Not only can organizations become more efficient in their processes; they will also be able to elevate to the next level, delivering new innovations, products and services. IDC's Cognitive Computing conference will separate the hype from reality; particularly in the area of Cognitive / AI. Discover the next-gen technologies that are already here today, and how they are providing the catalyst for organizations to leap frog ahead of the competition. Technology investment cannot be blind - understanding and extracting the business value is essential for this journey.

Join us at the event to understand and visualize the concept of the digital twin - how it applies to all industry verticals, and how underlying new technologies such as Analytics, APIs, Big Data, Cognitive/AI and IoT converge as the nucleus of an organization becoming fully digitally aware.


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Eren Eser

Eren Eser

Principal Analyst, IDC Turkiye
Ali Ercan

Ali Ercan

Head of Global Application Services, Analytics & Application Development, B/S/H
Murat Miğdisoğlu

Murat Miğdisoğlu

Senior Manager, Technology Project, Boyner
Güçlü Borhan

Güçlü Borhan

VP, HR Applications Development, Yapı Kredi Bankası
Özlem Kumuk

Özlem Kumuk

Digital Transformation Manager, TOFAŞ
Özlem Vidin Engindeniz

Özlem Vidin Engindeniz

Head of SAP & Rollout Solution Delivery Center, Daimler
Murat K. Beşiroğlu

Murat K. Beşiroğlu

Customer Analytics Unit Manager, Türkiye İş Bankası
Sabri Suyunu

Sabri Suyunu

Head of Retail Analytics, Koton
Asst. Prof. Ahmet Onur Durahim

Asst. Prof. Ahmet Onur Durahim

Faculty Member, Boğaziçi University
Serdar Dilmen

Serdar Dilmen

Director, Information Systems & Technology, DHL
Nuri Özlü

Nuri Özlü

Managing Director, (Metglobal)
Ömer Balkaya

Ömer Balkaya

General Manager, Sefamerve
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Google Cloud

İşletmeleri ‘bulut teknolojilerine’ entegre etmeleri, bugünkü pazar koşullarında rekabette kalıcı olabilmelerinde zorunlu ihtiyaçlardan biri haline geldi. Gelişen teknolojinin; planlama, iş modelleri ve son kullanıcıya değer yaratacak çözümlere yönelik yarattığı dönüşüm, bu gereksinimde etkili oldu. Google Cloud çözümleri ile Google, işletmelerin bu ihtiyaçlarına cevap vermektediri. Bugün milyarca kullanıcıya kesintisiz ve güvenli hizmet vermek için kullandığı bulut çözümlerini işletmelerin de hizmetine sunmaktadır. Google Cloud ile özellikle perakende sektörüne, çalışanları ile etkileşimi artıracak ve maliyet verimliliği sağlayacak çözümler sunmaktadir. G-suite (Google Dökümanlar, sunum çözümleri gibi akıllı uygulamaları kapsayan çözüm) Google Cloud üzerinde Big Data Analytics, Google Haritalar gibi platformlar perakendecinin sıfır sabit yatırımla binlerce kullanıcı ve milyonlarca müşteri ile etkileşime geçebileceği çözümlerdir.


Netas provides innovative end-to-end value added systems integration and technology services in the fields of information and communications technologies (ICT). Netas charters its vision to become Turkey's and Region’s #1 systems integrator working as per global standards. The company provides a wide array of services to enterprises functioning in various vertical segments, particularly telco providers, finance and general industry.

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BI Technology

BI Technology, as the official distributor of Qlik which is the innovator and leader company of Business Intelligence, provides services in the fields of software license sales, project implementation, technical service&maintenance, training and consulting with its expert team that has an experience of more than 15 years. Believing growth with business partnership ecosystem, BI Technology has a network of business partners consisting of 40 institutions that each one is specialized in a different field. With the belief of business intelligence solutions should be for business units, Qlik Business Discovery and Analytics Platform is focused on the simplification principle of decision making processes as far as possible and by so it becomes an alternative to complicated, awkward and difficult to manage and use approach of traditional business intelligence platforms. To provide service in scope of this vision, BI Technology presents its consultant staff which is expert on required process, methodology and technology to the institutions that it works with.


With its offices in Istanbul (headquarters), Ankara, London and New York, UITSEC providing cyber security services for many leading organizations in Turkey and abroad since 2002 is one of the most prominent companies in the field of cyber security. UITSEC which has become a valuable information security and cyber security brand in our country and abroad conducts studies with technology institutions. UITSEC, which has united forces with Doğanlar Investment Holding, continues proving its success every day with its advanced cyber security products and services, expert staff, software and hardware infrastructure and most importantly customer satisfaction.

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Logsign is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution which provides security analyses and compliance to regulations in one platform. Founded in 2010, Logsign believes that cyber security is a teamwork and that security products have to be much smarter. With this conviction, it focused its endeavors on Security Intelligence and SOC solutions. It actively provides services for more than 500 medium and large scale firms and governmental agencies. It is working to be an irreplaceable team-mate for all of its stakeholders in the field of cyber security, to raise its customers' security awareness to the maximum and to reinforce their position concerning security.


Nutanix makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform leverages web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design to natively converge compute, storage, virtualization, networking into a resilient, a complete software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. The Result is predictable performance, cloud consumption models, robust security, and seamless application mobility for all enterprise applications at any scale. A single software fabric unifies your private and public clouds, and delivers one-click simplicity in managing multi-cloud deployments. One OS, one clickTM.

Networking Partner(s)


Founded in 1945, KoçSistem is a member of the Koç Group and a leading, well-established information technologies company in Turkey. Throughout a history spanning seven decades, KoçSistem has raised technology to an ideal level and offered it to the business world to enhance the competitive edge and productivity of enterprises. KoçSistem creates value for Turkey and maintains its leadership in the sector based on its vision to be a pioneering force. KoçSistem plays a major role in the digital transformation of enterprises offering a great variety of smart solutions in mega trends including the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Corporate Mobility and Smart Solutions. KoçSistem offers infrastructure transformation solutions, business applications and managed services solutions to its customers in a wide range of industries including finance, telecommunications, retail, energy, consumer durables, automotive, transportation as well as the public sector. KoçSistem has sustainable relationships with the most important technology centers of the world through its R&D projects which act as a gateway to the global market. KoçSistem is ready for new transformations thanks to a market-oriented product management approach that creates value for its customers, a strategic perspective with a clear view of the future and an R&D and innovation power that spearheads technology.

Turcom Teknoloji

The leading technology group of information sector, TURCom Technology; provides creative information technology solutions, innovation and support with high added-value to the institutions and organizations for all sectors with its mentality of “Customer Centricity” and its information accumulation obtained during a “Quarter Century". TURCom Technology aims to bring in flexibility, business continuity and efficiency to its customers with its corporate solutions.

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Medianova, which was established in 2005, provides globally ‘streaming’ and cloud computing solutions with its wide knowledge level and professional staff. Medianova has a unique and wide solution spectrum in video and audio streaming, Live TV encoding and internet streaming. Medianova, which is the leading service provider in Turkey with its music platforms through which 1.5 billion processing is made daily, also offers the streaming services for e-learning operations. Medianova develops highly value added and specialized solutions for many organizations from different industries. Medianova have innovative B2B and B2C operations in the US and Turkey.

Media Partner(s)


CozumPark is Turkey's leading information technologies community and portal with the best of technical professionals who share all of their experience and know-how with the IT Pros, was established on February, 2008. CozumPark includes various technologies and vendors in the scope of organization, like Microsoft, VMware, Linux, Cisco, Acronis, IBM, HP, COBIT, ITIL, Citrix, Fortinet, Juniper, Oracle and the other 3rd party products.With more than 45.000 members, 550.000 monthly traffic; arranging webcasts and podcasts with technology vendors, giving seminars to university students and next generations, publishing articles and videos about the latest technological improvements and products, answering questions with the forum areas, arranging trainings for IT Pros, Iimplementing value-added projects are some of our facilities.

Global Tech Magazine

With corporate technology and consumer electronics market growing each day, to provide a unique perspective on technology ecosystem and to make valuable informative news, Global Tech Magazine aims to provide it’s followers with latest news about the industry, technical articles, information about technologies being recently developed, software and hardware reviews and success stories.

IT Network

IT Network Magazine has been offering professional promotional services in news, buying and selling subjects for developing the institutional cooperation in the information technology up to the world standards. With its 16,000 copies of circulation IT Network is sent out decision-maker top officials, IT and purchasing managers operating notably in the IT, public, finance, health, education and food sectors. All kinds of companies ant experts related to the IT technology are the main recipients of IT Network Magazine. Managers announce their fields of activity, product and services, their positions in the sector, their market shares and innovations through IT Network Magazine which leads the way for the companies who are looking for IT solutions and want to purchase goods and services.

The network attracts one of the most demographically attractive online communities on the Web nationally and internationally: a community that consists of highly educated professionals with buying power, who hold technical or corporate management job titles and who use as integral parts for their Web enabling expenditures and Internet education.

Location and Venue

Wyndham Grand Levent, Istanbul

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Onur Hamitoglu
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Onur Hamitoglu

Senior Sales Manager +90-533-3018998

Pelin Pirnal
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Pelin Pirnal

Conference Project Manager +90 212 3560218

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