Second IDC Internet of Things Conference in Prague

IoT Forum 2016

prague, october 20

The value of the IoT market in the Czech Republic will increase from CZK 13.5 billion to CZK 27 billion in 2018.

Source: IDC, 2015


Billions of “things” already connected to the Internet mark the onset of an exciting new era. The Internet of Things has been transforming not only cities, industries, and businesses, but also the way people live. IDC is on a mission to help the conference participants better understand the current trends, identify areas of future growth, and stay ahead in their respective fields. In addition, the conference will provide plenty of opportunities to meet with peers and to establish new business relationships.

Key agenda topics

  • Business/Strategy Session
  • Finding & Harnessing IoT Opportunities in Diverse Industries
  • Breaking News in the IoT World: What will make headlines in 2017 and beyond
  • DemoZone - Paralel sessions
    SmartCity | iHealth | SmartFactory | Security
  • Implementing IoT: Different maturity stages require different approaches
  • Panel Discussion (business and tech strategic topics)

we will talk about

  • Transforming Your Industry with IoT
  • The Real Value of IoT: Big Data & Analytics
  • Ensuring Security and Data Privacy in IoT
  • Role od Smart Devices in Smart Systems
  • Managing the Convergence of IT and Operations
  • IoT´s Impact on System Architectures