Michael Kašpar
I. Deputy Mayor of the City Kolín, Městský úřad Kolín

A teacher at a grammar school in the town of Kolín since 2007. First deputy mayor of Kolín since 2014. An active athlete. Besides the Smart City concept and implementation of smart projects, he is responsible for the town’s subsidy policy, finance, environment, education, culture, and sports agendas.

I am a champion of open administration and transparent government. I prefer highly functional and effective smart city solutions. In Kolín, we choose only such solutions we believe will benefit our citizens or administration or, preferably, both. A vision and a strategy are definitely needed, however, many efforts end there. If we are able to identify problems and respond flexibly by implementing appropriate measures to make life easier, we are on the right track – not being SMART because SMART is IN, but because the solutions offer a high added value.