Lenka Kováčová
Nadace OSF

Lenka Kováčová is the coordinator of the Our Government, Our Data project run by Open Society Fund (OSF) foundation. The project focuses on public administration transparency and supports citizens to engage in governance of the state. Lenka’s task is to bring inspiring people and thoughts from abroad to the Czech Republic and foster (not only) the open-data community that she has grown to love over the past two years. Previously, she worked as an analyst for the Demagog.CZ project and as an event manager at the Masaryk University Career Centre where she organized career-focused events and job fairs. She studied European Studies at Masaryk University in Brno and Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. A native of Bratislava, Slovakia, she loves Brno, studied in Istanbul, used to work in Brussels, speaks Italian, currently lives in Prague and wishes that more women engage in the digital sphere.